Evening at Angkor

After the sunrise experience at Angkor Wat,it was a must to see the temple in the light of the setting sun. So, the next day at dusk we head to the temple on our tuk-tuk. The temple is much more crowded at this time. Everyone is eager to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Angkor bathed in the golden evening sunlight. There is no music like it was the morning earlier, but it is different and still very beautiful.

There is no electricity or lights at the temple so we are asked to leave as soon as it gets dark. As we come out, there is the most awesome light-show in the sky! There are bright orange bands of rays shooting out of from where the sun had set. It looks brilliant as the moon and stars appear in the sky…almost like the drawings of the sun rays we made as kids.

A panorama of the sunset view from Angkor Wat

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  1. Wolfgang says:

    Wonderful photos, especially the first one with this composition, the colours, the light and this atmosphere. Really good work!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation of my work! 🙂
      The sunsets in Cambodia are awesome, and it makes the temples look spectacular!

  2. Love the top picture!!

    1. Thanks for all the likes, appreciation and follow Thomas & Katherine! 🙂

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