Beach Bums

Dogs have an uncanny ability to read and respond to human emotions. And humans in turn, respond to dogs with the same hormone responsible for bonding mothers to their babies. This connection of a human with a dog is special.
I have noticed that stray dogs, specially those on the beach are more friendly than the others. They’re like two-year olds who want to play with you (or your shoes!). Some enjoy swimming in the waves while others watch the sun go down. With sand on their noses and that naughty grin, they’re adorable as a baby!
A dog’s life on the beach…some pictures of beach bums from my travel diary.


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  1. jmnpixels says:

    They’re all adorable…. It’s interesting how some countries have more stray dogs than others. I have a friend who lives in Santiago, Chile, who is a photographer and his signature image always has one of their stray dogs in it. They are so humorous, just like yours. Here in Australia, you’d be lucky to find a stray…the local laws don’t permit it. Which is a good thing, I suppose! Excellent photo-captures. Liked.

    1. Thanks Janina 🙂 Yes, They’re so adorable! even in Singapore where I live, there are no stray dogs. Would love to visit Australia someday…till then through your pictures! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. lina says:

    very touching and thoughtful

    1. Thank you Lina! 🙂

  3. anjali says:

    so sweet!

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