Gastronomy : With a view

Eating out was invented for travellers but it’s an important aspect of socializing and is highly sophisticated in today’s world. It gives us a chance to show off our cosmopolitanism in a world which values it. We spend not so much for the food as for the entertainment value and the thrill of being treated like royalty. There is something about eating at a restaurant which is highly gratifying, it’s a difference from routine. When I choose a restaurant to dine, I look for the ambience, other than food of course. I like al-fresco dining where my mind is relaxed amidst nature and I can enjoy my meal and drinks with the company. When ‘the setting’ is spectacular, a little neglect on the chef’s part is easily ignored.Dining by the sea is one of my favorites. The sound of waves and the rustling leaves from the trees make soothing music and the moist air is so refreshing. All of this with Thai food, is almost sinful! Thailand has some amazing restaurants with delicious food and stunning views. The people are warm, helpful & respectful and most of all, unpretentious. I am not sure if it’s the love for sea-food or the sea-view that lures me to Thailand every few months, or I just like to lounge more often; but it sure is great – to get away for a View. Some pictures of my favorite restaurants in Thailand with beautiful views of the turquoise ocean.

The Racha, Racha island, Phuket.
Restaurant at the southern most tip of Ko Lanta
Secret Cliff Restaurant, Phuket.
Ko Lanta, Thailand.
Kan Eang at the Pier, Phuket.
The Racha, Racha Island.
If you’re ready for a meal at any of the restaurants above, take a look at the delicious food pictures from these restaurants, in my earlier post – Thai High.


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  1. Gorgeous stunning photos and if their food was anything like the views I’d be there in a flash!!!

  2. Thanks 🙂
    Oh yes! their food is awesome! Check out some of the dishes I posted here –

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