Phuket’s little secret : Nui beach

Unexpected adventures are often the most rewarding experiences while traveling. In my travels to Asia, some of the most interesting adventures have been off the beaten track. And one such memorable adventure in Phuket, was when I accidentally stumbled upon the enigmatic little Nui beach while driving, to view the sunset from my favorite viewpoint, at Promthep cape in south Phuket. It’s a long and beautiful drive to the cape through the hilly slopes lined with trees and views of the Andaman sea. On my way through the hilly road I saw a small sign for the beach. Since it was just mid-day and with enough time to explore, I followed the sign which lead in to a forest. The path was winding down steeply and it was scary on the bike! But soon after I reached down, what I saw beyond the rocks blew me away! A small paradise which was unlike the rest of Phuket. With clear turquoise green waters and fewer people, the beach was a haven!

                            Phuket’s little secret : Ya Nui beach

Nui which means small in Thai, is a small rocky beach in south Phuket which is good for swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing or just getting away from the crowds. Its hidden in a cove, somewhere between Nai Harn beach & Promthep Cape in south Phuket, totally secluded, with access only through a steep dirt road or by boat.

Getting to Nui Beach : A few hundred meters from Kata viewpoint, on the road towards Nai Harn in south Phuket, keep a look out for a small sign for Nui beach with a dirt track, on your right. The beach is around 2 kilometers downhill from there, a fifteen minute walk. It’s best to park your vehicles and walk the way down to the beach, as it’s dangerous to drive on the extremely steep path. Once you reach down, the bay will be visible. Surrounded by the grassy slopes of the cliffs from both sides, Nui beach, is sweet and beautiful, definitely worth all the effort.  I found the beach on a bike, but you could take a boat from Nai Harn or Kata beach too. (Map)

There is an entry fee for the beach, of 250 Baht per adult which includes a day bed, an umbrella and a drink. Initially the entry fee annoyed me, but soon I realized that it’s probably because of an entry fee, and the difficult access, that this beautiful paradise is still around! Nui beach with clear turquoise green water is excellent for swimming, and snorkeling if it’s a clear day. The beach is covered with trees and has views of the surrounding cliffs, with a smaller island in front, just off the beach. The smaller island, called Ko Kaeo Noi, made from corals, is great for snorkeling & diving, though most corals were damaged after the Tsunami in 2004. Kayaks are also available for rent to explore the island. There are no shacks, shops or any accommodation on the beach and just one bar which serves food and drinks. Even in high season, there are very few people on the beach, which is a refreshing sight, in Phuket.

                                                Nui Beach, Phuket : A haven

Ya Nui beach is one of those secret hideouts in Phuket, which is difficult to find and very few tourists know about. I recommend this beach for spending a blissful day on a quiet beach away from the touristy crowd, no distractions, no speed boats or jet-skis, but just peace. Its one of those unexpected experiences, which inspire me to travel and explore more. And Phuket never lets me down! 🙂

P.S. Please be careful while visiting Nui beach in monsoon season, as the road is muddy & slippery and can get dangerous.


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  1. Pak Liam says:

    “Unexpected adventures are often the most rewarding experiences while traveling.” I totally agree with this. It’s usually a matter of timing and/or good luck. funnily enough I just echoed the same sentiment on my (rather brand new) blog.

    1. What a coincidence! 🙂
      Unpredictability is fun sometimes…

  2. loca4motion says:

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place! I lived in Phuket for 2 1/2 years and loved it! Every day off I’d explore on my motorbike and I found so many hidden pockets of paradise!

    1. Thanks so much Lucy 🙂 Am glad you enjoyed my posts.
      I love Phuket and would love to live there! And I would love to be a travel writer like you, and see the world.
      Following your blog now 🙂

      1. loca4motion says:

        Thanks for following my blog Ritu! I love yours and am going to subscribe to it via Google reader as I’m going to be in your part of the world soon.
        I can’t wait to be in Thailand again!!! I love that I can do travel writing and photography from anywhere in the world but I might return to some teaching too over there.
        Your job sounds interesting too!
        Maybe see you in Phuket! 🙂

        1. Thank you 🙂

  3. Beautiful…Ritu! It’s lovely to travel around with you. I guess that’s the fun of blogging – you get to travel to places you haven’t travelled before!

    1. 🙂 Thanks Ishita! Yeah that’s true, blogging is fun! Get to learn so much and meet new interesting people!

  4. adinparadise says:

    How lovely. We didn’t find this secret place when in Phuket. 😦

    1. There are many such hidden places in Phuket, which I also found by asking the locals or just driving around, and by reading travel blogs 🙂

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