India Impressions : Corelle

Corelle designs

World Kitchen LLC, a global leader in dinnerware, introduced the India Impressions series in August 2011. The dinnerware collection designed exclusively for the Indian market with modern Indian homes in mind, is available across all leading dinnerware stores in India. One of the designs – Melody, designed by Ritu Saini. (Read more)

India inspired dinnerware

Melody : Inspired by Holi, the spring festival celebrated by Hindus, Melody perfectly captures the celebration of springtime with an ensemble of greens, pinks, yellows and blues. The pastel shades of the floral pattern add a touch of cheerfulness to all meals.

Some more Corelle designs from the earlier collection by the designer. Pictures courtesy of World Kitchen Asia.




These designs are available in India. Please contact World Kitchen India for more details.


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  1. What pretty colours and lovely photographs..

    1. 🙂 Thanks Catherine!

      1. Your welcome! Just wish I could get equally great photos of my jewellery, they always seem too dark, would you suggest a ‘light tent’ or is there some other way to lighten the subject?

  2. My DSLR broke last year so I’m using my daughter’s Olympus u-tough. Thanks for the links, will hopefully get some ideas, I just need educating!

  3. Johng732 says:

    This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. feeededdfead

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