A morning walk in Little India, Singapore

Little India is a hub for the Indian community in Singapore. It’s one of the most interesting places for day & night photography in Singapore, and is best explored on foot. The narrow lanes are full of color and action all day, and the 24-hour Mustafa shopping complex keeps the streets busy at night. It’s usually quite crowded, but early in the morning the streets are empty. Some scenes from an early morning walk in Little India, Singapore.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Serangoon Road, Little India
Narrow by-lanes of Little India
Hands full
street portrait
Newspaper and a coffee
Morning routine
A morning on the streets
Counting sheep
Asleep on the streets
Chilling on the road
Diyas (lamps)
A conversation at the temple
Black & White

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  1. I loved this post, depicts life in the making. Congratulations on capturing the moment

  2. Beautiful ! A different side of little india 🙂

  3. Paul Cahill says:

    I really like the last shot in this post.

  4. I’m reading Meira Chand’s “A Different Sky” at the moment, where Serangoon Road is almost like a character itself. Hard to imagine it so depopulated, though that makes it ideal for shooting, eh?

    1. Oh No, It’s not! Serangoon road and Little India are quite crowded areas, and so much so that it’s best to avoid during weekends and holidays! Some shops and restaurants are open 24 hours. And yes it is a character in itself! 🙂
      These pictures however, are from early morning around 8 AM.

      1. Well, yes, that’s what I meant – I was surprised you found a time when there were so few people and I’m absolutely amazed you shot this as late as 8am. I’d have thought you where out just after dawn!

        1. Ah yes! It was a saturday morning, so the depopulation could be because it was a weekend. But it sure is a peaceful time to visit 🙂

        2. I’ll remember that!

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