Colors of India

Today is the festival of Holi in India, so Happy Holi everyone! 🙂

Holi is a Hindu festival that welcomes Spring and is celebrated by splashing colors on each other! It’s a fun and vibrant festival where family and friends get together and ‘play’ Holi.


I was in India for a few months earlier and got an opportunity to travel and experience living in India, after a long time. Full of breath-taking sights & places, color, food, culture and chaos, it was very exciting, enriching and heart warming. I have shared images of my travels to the great Himalayas, coffee plantations at Coorg, beaches of Goa and some of the oldest religious and spiritual centers in India like Pushkar and Varanasi, on Instagram. And would be blogging about my experiences in the coming posts.

It has been an incredibly enjoyable experience traveling, making new friends and spending time with loved ones. I miss you and thank you for creating such beautiful memories! See you soon! 🙂

Colors of India…

Colors of India : Pushkar
Pushkar : Ghats, camel fair, colorful, village
The rivers : Ganges & Yamuna
Colors of India : Ghats of Varanasi and the rivers Ganges & Yamuna
Ghats of Varanasi
Colors of India : Goa
Goa : Ocean, beaches, seafood, friends, sunsets…
Colors of India : Coorg
Coorg : Calm, peaceful, coffee, nature and chirping birds

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely colourful images. I like the simplicity of your descriptions of the feelings of each place.

  2. livvy30 says:

    Fabulous shots!

  3. restlessjo says:

    Colours indeed! It looks a wonderful experience.

    1. Indeed it was! Thanks Jo 🙂

  4. These are remarkable photos!

  5. Stunning shots. EACH one of them. The light is amazing, the colors gorgeous!

    1. Thanks a lot for all your comments Uday 🙂

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