Mt. Bromo : A volcanic vacation

Sunrise at Mt. Bromo
Sunrays filter through the smoke from the Volcano
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo

One of the most awesome sunrises I saw was over the surreal, moon-like landscape of an active volcano – Mt. Bromo in East Java, near Surabaya, Indonesia. The name Bromo is from Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation. It belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park named after the two mountains, Mount Semeru (the highest in Java) & Mount Bromo, and the Tengger people who inhabit the area.

Mt. Semeru exploding
Mt. Semeru exploding

Mt. Semeru is one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes and erupts smoke & ash every few minutes. Mt. Bromo looks more like a crater, as its top is blown off. It’s around 10 km in diameter and blows out white sulphurous pungent smoke continuously. The volcanoes were quite active recently in 2010-2011.

Stairs to go to the Crater's rim at Mt. Bromo
Stairs to go to the Crater’s rim at Mt. Bromo
View from the Crater's rim below
View from the Crater’s rim below
The crater from inside smoking Sulphurous smoke
The crater from inside in Sulphurous smoke and walking on the edge of an active Volcano
Surreal moon-like landscape surrounding Mt. Bromo
Surreal moon-like landscape surrounding Mt. Bromo also called the ‘Sea of Sand’ and a Hindu temple
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo - a panorama
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo – a panorama

Mt. Bromo is one of the most surreal places I’ve seen and Indonesia has many such ‘out of the world’ and exciting destinations! For more information on the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. More images of sunrises & sunsets in my earlier post – The Golden hour.


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  1. Jayde-Ashe says:

    Wow, these are absolutely incredible!

  2. ulillala says:

    i dream to visit that mountain someday
    those photos of yours are so awesome!

  3. Harsha says:

    Wow what amazing pics..The Mountains look full of adventure…

    1. Thanks Harsha! Yeah it’s a amazing place, haven’t seen anything like this yet…

  4. adinparadise says:

    Fabulous photos of an awesome place. 🙂

  5. Tina Schell says:

    So cool! Excellent post-really enjoyed the photos

  6. What an amazing vacation! Some of these photos are just so surreal.

    1. Thanks! Ya! the place itself looks out of the world! & the morning light makes it more moody! 🙂

  7. i*Kan says:

    Oh, what lovely photos. What time in the morning is this? Need to add this to my list of must-visit places.

    1. Thanks 🙂 The first 4 pictures are at around 5:30-600 am from a viewpoint at Mt. Penanjakan (approx. 9000Ft) and the rest are from the volcano crater itself.

  8. jaime perez says:

    Astonish views; and unforgetable expirience I guess!

  9. Wonderful captures, looks like a lot of people visit this volcano.

    1. Thanks Beth 🙂 Yeah it’s the most popular (active) volcano to visit in Indonesia and quite crowded at 5 am too!

  10. Terrific images Ritu. Love them!

  11. janina says:

    Now I’ve seen everything — a temple inside a volcano — that’s definitely trying to appease the gods! Wonderful images, ritu, wish I’d been there.

    1. 🙂 Thanks Janina! Being an Indian, am quite used to temples everywhere! 😉

  12. Erco Travels says:

    Aha, mountains looking miraculous! great place to visit. thanks for sharing.

  13. mariayarri says:

    Fantastic serie of stunning photos ! I can´t fathom how it would feel like to be near a volcano! Thank you for sharing that with us! // Maria 🙂

  14. Gorgeous photos!! All your shots are absolutely stunning!!

    1. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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