Coorg: Nature trails and a home-stay experience

Coorg Nature trails

Coorg or Kodagu in Karnataka, is a hill station nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, South India. A lush plantation wonderland infused with the intoxicating fragrance of coffee and spices, it’s a perfect get away from city life into the lap of nature.

Coorg CoffeeCoorg Pepper

Much of Coorg is used for agriculture with coffee and pepper as the main crop and they grow together! In an approach called Agroforestry, combining benefits from trees and shrubs with crops. Pepper is a vine that grows on tall trees and in Coorg it’s grown on Silver Oak trees. The coffee plants need shade, which is also provided by the Oak trees. This shade grown coffee is a traditional and more eco-friendly way of growing coffee.

Coorg ChikooPassion fruitCoorg OrangesLimeCoorg LycheesBetel nut and Papaya

Fruits like Chikoo or Sapota, Oranges, Passion fruit, lime and Lychees are also common. Supari – Areca nut or Betel nut tree, used for Paan, is a kind of palm, which grows up to 20 m tall and is quite difficult to harvest, as the trunk is quite thin.

Abbey falls

There are three wildlife sanctuaries – the Brahmagiri, Talakaveri, and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuaries, and Nagarhole National Park in Coorg. Talakaveri is also the place where river Kaveri originates. It’s a nice drive with waterfalls and beautiful views of the valleys & meadows sprinkled with bright-colored flowers.

Ginger flowerDatura or Angel's trumpetLantana flowerPink Hibiscus Coorg FlowerCoorg Flower

There are several home-stays that are a part of working plantations and serve traditional Coorgi food. A home-stay is a unique and relaxed way to enjoy the local culture and life of Coorg. It’s an insight into the culture and life of the people, and a warm, comforting feeling to know you’re staying at ‘home’. It’s refreshing to wake up to chirping birds, sit in a garden sipping coffee and wait for a delicious meal cooked specially for you! My first home-stay experience at Ashraya in Coorg, was a beautiful & memorable one; one of the most relaxing holidays that I’ve had in India! 🙂

Ashraya Home stay at CoorgPepsi, our constant companion

All images are from Ashraya home-stay in Coorg.


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  1. Ajeeth boaz says:

    Amazing shots… Looks like now is not a good time to visit coorg…

    1. Thanks Ajeeth! 🙂 Your images are lovely! Look forward to more…

  2. InnerDialect says:

    Coorg, my fav place ever !!!

  3. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful post!!!! Just shared!

    1. Thanks Nicole! 🙂

  4. beautiful pics… as always… I have been to Coorg and you just bring the beauty of the bounty of nature so well….

  5. It’s all a delight for the senses, but the photos of fruit and seeds are especially effective.

    1. Thanks Gabriel 🙂

  6. reemasathe says:

    love the coffee bean pictures!

  7. Wow, refreshing as well as tempting…. Nicely captured!! Loved the flowers especially!!

    1. Thanks Dheeraj! 🙂

  8. Rajesh says:

    Wonderful images from nature.

  9. Naomi says:

    So gorgeous! Your posts cover areas of India that I’ve never heard of from other blogs. Serious inspiration. Keep it coming 😉

    1. Thanks a lot Naomi! 🙂

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