Baan Rim Pa – Phuket’s finest in Royal Thai Cuisine

Dining by the sea is one of my favorites. The sound of waves and the rustling leaves from the trees make soothing music and the moist air is so refreshing. All of this with delicious Thai food is almost sinful!

Baan Rim Pa

Thailand has some amazing restaurants with delicious food and stunning views. The people are warm, helpful & respectful and most of all, unpretentious. I am not sure if it’s the love for seafood or the sea-view that lures me to Thailand every few months, but it sure is great pigging out on all the mouth-watering Thai food with a picturesque view! 🙂

Baan Rim Pa

One of my favorite restaurants in Phuket, Thailand, is Baan Rim Pa at Kalim Bay on the quieter end of Patong beach, an elegant place with beautiful views of Patong Bay, fabulous food, exquisite wines and a lovely ambience. Perfect for a romantic dinner with marvelous views of the setting Sun over the Andaman Sea, it is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Phuket.

Baan Rim Pa

Baan Rim Pa, which means ‘house by the cliff’, was the restaurant founder’s house at one time. The restaurant serves Royal Thai Cuisine, which was served to the Royal families in old times, and is voted Thailand’s Best Restaurant in 2013, and has won the prestigious Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for many years now.

Baan Rim Pa sunsetBaan Rim Pa view

The restaurant is fully booked during peak season so it’s better to make reservations. But in low season at this time of the year, it’s much easier to get a table on a walk-in. There are two more restaurant’s – Da Maurizio, serving contemporary Italian food and Joe’s Downstairs, from the same group next to Baan Rim Pa on the cliff.

Baan Rim Pa

We ordered the mixed appetizers which came in a huge platter with deep fried spring rolls, crispy vermicelli, chicken and sweet corn in pastry shells, deep fried prawns rolled with noodles, prawns & nuts wrapped with egg net. The crispy vermicelli was interesting and something like ‘bhel-puri’ from India. The deep fried prawns rolled in yellow noodles is one of the best prawn appetizer I’ve had!

Khong Waang Ruam - Mixed Appetizers
Khong Waang Ruam – Mixed Appetizers and (right) Crispy Vermicelli
Po Pia Thod - Deep-Fried Spring Rolls and Latieng - Fried Prawns & Nut Wrapped in an Egg Net
(left) Po Pia Thod -Deep Fried Spring Rolls and (right) Latieng – Fried Prawns & Nut Wrapped in an Egg Net
Goong Lai Sarong - Deep-Fried Prawns Rolled with Yellow Noodles and Pla Goong - Spiced Prawns Salad with Lemongrass
(left) Goong Lai Sarong – Deep-Fried Prawns Rolled with Yellow Noodles and (right) Pla Goong – Spiced Prawns Salad with Lemongrass
Poo Paad Poang Gari - Crab Stir-Fried with Curry Powder
Poo Paad Poang Gari – Crab Stir-Fried with Curry Powder

More about Baan Rim Pa group here and some more pictures of mouth-watering Thai food in my earlier post – Thai High, Sanook! 🙂


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  1. mariayarri says:

    Oh, i just got hunger feelings, just by looking at your photos ! Stunning serie of photos ! // Maria 🙂

  2. Everything looks so delicious!

  3. nusrat2010 says:

    Look at all those sunshiny snaps! I’m dazzled!!

    1. Thanks Suborna 🙂

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