Thai Fusion food at Wok Pagoda

I am not sure if it’s the love for seafood or the sea-view that lures me to Thailand from Singapore every few months, but it sure is great pigging out on all the mouth-watering Thai food with a view of the gorgeous blue sea, and the beaches are for real! 😉

I love authentic & local Thai food and prefer to eat where the locals do but any restaurant with either a great view or a great menu works too. And Wok Pagoda, a new fusion food restaurant by Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Kata in Phuket has both! The decor is inspired by a “Wok” and the menu has dishes where Chef Tammanoon Panchun combines Thai flavours with other Asian and western influences.

Perched high up surrounded by forested hills with a view of the blue sea with boats floating around Chalong Pier and nearby islands, Wok Pagoda in Phuket has some finger-licking Thai fusion delicacies.

Thai fusion food with an enchanting view is a special treat to the senses! We ordered Tuna salad and grilled scallops for appetizers and for main course it was seafood pineapple fried rice, prawn ravioli and herb infused rock lobster.

Other than the yummy food, the desserts are a highlight with a separate menu. The ice cream is served on a thin crunchy wafer that doesn’t let it run on the plate and all desserts come with fresh fruits! Wok Pagoda is on the expensive side and the portions are just adequate but it’s a great restaurant to pick for a special day with delicious food & beautiful views of the island. Baan Rim Pa at Kalim is another one of my favourite places to eat in Phuket.

Al-fresco dining relaxes my mind and amidst nature I can enjoy my meal and drinks with the company. Dining by the sea is one of my favourites and Phuket is a short fight away from Singapore. It’s like travelling to another island for food, isn’t that what you do living an island life? 😉

PS: There are many good restaurants in Phuket and most of them are great for local Thai food. Also, I am not affiliated to Wok Pagoda or Mom Tri in any way.


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