Kumortuli: Where Goddesses are made

On the banks of Hooghly, in North Kolkata is a labyrinth of narrow lanes, older than the city and full of vibrant color and art, Kumortuli – the potter’s colony, where idols of Gods and Goddesses are made from scratch for the Hindu festival of Durga Puja. Various artists work on different stages of sculpting, painting & decorating the idol of Goddess Durga in the workshops here. Deeply engrossed in the making of the Goddess, they look meditative.


Hidden treasure of Ladakh

Ladakh is famous for it’s stunning landscapes, peaceful & heartwarming people, dangerous mountain passes, extreme weather conditions, pristine high-altitude mountain lakes, unique wildlife and gorgeous ancient monasteries, but in this remote land there lies another hidden treasure thousands of years old…the prehistoric Rock Art paintings – some of the earliest expressions of our species, our artistic and cultural beginnings!

Bukit Brown Cemetery: A piece of Singapore’s history and heritage

In the midst of clean urban architecture and the beautifully maintained gardens of Singapore, one doesn’t expect to find any place that is totally wild, unkempt and peaceful. And yet such a place exists, right at the center of Singapore! Bukit Brown cemetery, in the heart of Singapore is an abandoned Chinese cemetery where the…

India Impressions : Corelle

World Kitchen LLC, a global leader in dinnerware, introduced the India Impressions series in August 2011. The dinnerware collection designed exclusively for the Indian market with modern Indian homes in mind, is available across all leading dinnerware stores in India. One of the designs – Melody, designed by Ritu Saini. (Read more) Melody : Inspired by Holi, the…

Cambodia Painted

I have been enchanted by Cambodia and its colorful images so I decided to paint a few. Some of my favorite pictures that I took at Cambodia as paintings in water-color and oil. Floating house at Tonle Sap Bayon Temple The road ahead On the road A Cambodian Home Streets of Siem Reap Standing Tall…