Riding through the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Before we set out on our road trip through the Central Highlands of Vietnam, I was nervous about riding for the first time in a new country. It took me a while to get comfortable on the motorbike and let my eyes off the road to enjoy the scenic views. But after riding more than 1300 km through half of the country, I am convinced there is no better way to travel in Vietnam than on a motorbike! And the freedom of exploring a place riding on my own adds to the depth of my travel experiences.

Magical Myanmar – Instagrammed

Did you know the Burmese use tea leaves as a food ingredient? Other than  brewing a tea, the leaves are fermented to make a special Burmese tea-leaf salad and its yum! Myanmar offered a varied set of experiences from historic temples to nature hikes in the hills and boat rides exploring life on a lake, but it was the delicious Burmese food, readily available salads (and avocado!) and the people who stole my heart!

Pushkar Instagrammed!

Pushkar is a visual treat for anyone interested in images of India. Specially during the Pushkar mela (festival) colours, textures & the mood are so unique and interesting that you wouldn’t want to stop taking pictures! Some images of Pushkar through the filters of Instagram. More of my Instagrams.

Colors of India

Today is the festival of Holi in India, so Happy Holi everyone! 🙂 Holi is a Hindu festival that welcomes Spring and is celebrated by splashing colors on each other! It’s a fun and vibrant festival where family and friends get together and ‘play’ Holi. I was in India for a few months earlier and…