Lotus weavers of Inle Lake, Myanmar

The most exceptional thing about the Intha people is the magic they weave with lotus fibers – Lotus textiles! A Buddhist symbol for purity the lotus flower is sacred in Buddhism and the textiles were first made for a Buddhist monk’s robe.

Enchanting streets of Pushkar

There is nothing like a walk on the street to experience the mood, culture and lifestyle of a place. And Pushkar is a town which is best seen on foot. It’s quite small and can be covered with in a few hours. The colorful little shops & cafes look fascinating against the backdrop of old buildings decorated with street art. The fresh…

Pushkar Instagrammed!

Pushkar is a visual treat for anyone interested in images of India. Specially during the Pushkar mela (festival) colours, textures & the mood are so unique and interesting that you wouldn’t want to stop taking pictures! Some images of Pushkar through the filters of Instagram. More of my Instagrams.

Food Photography: Coffee

I’ve been working on some product food photography. Sharing some photos of roasted coffee beans and coffee that I shot recently. I started learning photography when film cameras were still being manufactured, and have some un-developed films lying in a box since years! While searching for ‘35mm negative film developing’ on the net, I accidentally came…