Weekly photo challenge: The golden hour

The most positive & reflective moments that I’ve spent with myself have been watching the beautiful hues of the sky as the sun sets or the early morning light – the golden hour. Some of the pictures from this hour of the day, when the light is most dramatic & moody, for the Weekly photo challenge:…

Floating magic of Tonlé Sap

End October and its the end of rainy season in Cambodia. On Tonle Sap lake,  the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia, the water has submerged the trees and flooded the plains. And yet it seems life goes on normally for the people of the ‘floating village’. Its my first experience of the floating way of life. As my water taxi moves through the village, I realize all houses are floating like rafts, swaying to the waves. They have electricity and amenities like Television, which they power by car batteries! There is a school, a water station, fish and crocodile farms, a church and a police station – all floating on the lake.